What kind of pools is the JimmyBench compatible with?

The JimmyBench is designed to fit in most in ground pools along a straight wall. The JimmyBench will NOT work along most radius walls of freeform (curved walls) pools

What ladder rails is the The JimmyBench compatible with?

The JimmyBench is designed to retrofit most existing 19 or 20 inch on center ladders, set square to the pool wall. It is important that your ladder anchor sockets are installed correctly in order for the JimmyBench to properly fit. We recommend taking the following measurements confirming it's compatibility (See Fig 1.).

(A) Make sure your existing ladder anchor sockets are set between 17" and 17.5" from the pool wall. Measure from the center of the ladder anchor socket to the pool wall. Do not measure to the edge of the coping, as this will add 1"-2" from an accurate measurement.

(B) Make sure your existing ladder anchor sockets are between 19" and 20" (center of socket to center of socket). 

(C) Make sure your ladder rails are perpendicular and not leaning in any direction. We recommend using a small level tool to confirm the rails are straight and not leaning at any angle. If the ladder rails are leaning, it will interfere with where the JimmyBench meets the pool wall.

Will it damage a pool liner?

Improper installation could damage a liner or other pool surfaces (See Fig 2.). If your ladder sockets have settled and/or are crooked in the patio (A), your JimmyBench may not sit correctly and could damage a liner or other pool surfaces (B). We recommend having a pool professional to install your JimmyBench correctly.

What do I do if the anchor sockets in my patio have settled or are not properly aligned?

We recommend you hire a pool professional to install all new anchor sockets. There are currently several different options for new anchor installation (listed below) that accommodate a variety of patio types.

Saftron Polymer Anchor Sockets
Saftron Deck/Surface Mounted Anchor Sockets
EZ Socket Anchors

How do you get out of the pool if you remove the ladder?

The bench acts like any other swim out platform. You sit on the platform, then stand up to exit the pool.

How difficult is it to install? Do I need to purchase anything extra for the installation?

Installation takes approximately 15 minutes. You will need a 1/2 inch wrench and a 9/16 wrench for installation.

Can the JimmyBench be installed when no ladder exists?

Yes, however, all new installation is recommend to be done by a pool professional

How much weight can the JimmyBench hold?

500 lbs / 226 Kg

How deep is the bench submerged in the water?

It varies slightly based on the type and thickness of the coping and/or patio. Typically the JimmyBench sits about 17 inches from the bond beam of the pool.

What color does it come in?

White & Gray.

Does it come in different sizes?

At this time, the JimmyBench is only available in one size — 40" Wide x 13.6" Deep x 5.4" Tall

Can it be used for egress from the deep end?

Absolutely. The JimmyBench is great for both people and dogs.

Will salt or chlorine damage the bench?

The bench is made from heavy duty low density polyethylene and is virtually inert. All hardware supplied is marine grade 316 stainless steel.

Where is it made?

The JimmyBench is made in the USA. It is rotationally molded — a similar process used to make Yeti™ coolers.

Does the JimmyBench have to be winterized?

The JimmyBench, like any ladder needs to be removed from the pool upon winterizing. Large holes in the back of the JimmyBench self-drain the bench upon removal.

The JimmyBench does not seem to fit in my existing rail anchor sockets — Now what do I do?

Make sure your rail anchor sockets are set between 19 and 20 inches on center. The anchor sockets should also be set 17 - 17.5 inches back from the pool wall. Confirm that the pool ladder is perpendicular to the patio when installed in the existing anchor sockets. If your ladder is leaning in either direction the JimmyBench may not align correctly to the pool wall.