The JimmyBench — The First-Ever Product Designed to Transform Pool Ladders into Swim-Up Benches, to debut at the Regional Pool Show January 29th

A father-son passion project becomes an innovative new pool product, the JimmyBench, debuting this month

MARCO ISLAND, FL - January 18, 2019 - For pool owners, there hasn’t been an easy, affordable way to retrofit an existing pool with a swim-up bench—until now. Meet the JimmyBench, the first-ever conversion kit designed to transform virtually any in-ground pool ladder into a comfortable, safe bench seat.

Little swimmers were the primary inspiration for inventors Tom Masterson, a 40-year pool industry vet and owner of Masterson Pools, and his son Casey. “My sister, who recently had her 4th son, moved into a house with a pool that had no stairs—just a ladder in each end,” Masterson explained. “There was no place for her to sit and enjoy the pool with her youngest little guy. And when they needed a rest, the only option was climbing out.”

The JimmyBench makes the deep end safer and more fun for both beginner and expert swimmers. The kit uses existing ladder rails to create a bench that’s two feet wider and a foot deeper than a standard ladder, which makes it an ideal spot for kids to congregate or parents to sit and supervise.

But the JimmyBench isn’t just for kids—adults can enjoy it, too.

“Almost every one of our new pool construction customers requests a swim-out bench,” Masterson notes, “but existing pool customers want them, too. It’s just hard to do after the fact, and expensive. It’s like trying to add a sunroof to a finished car.”

The JimmyBench is the perfect alternative. It’s sturdy, durable, and has a weight rating of 500 lbs, which allows it to comfortably fit up to two adults. It’s also much safer than a standard ladder, making it easier for anyone to get in and out of a pool—especially dogs!

The debut is almost 2 years in the making. Early prototypes, including one crafted from a fishing cooler top, helped pave the way. “Some of the contraptions were a little comical, but they worked, and that was all the proof we needed,” Masterson said. After 18 months of prototypes and user testing, the pair is proud to finally release this amazing product to the public.


^ Early Prototypes of the JimmyBench // 2017


“The JimmyBench is more than just another swimming pool contraption—it’s an immediate solution to a problem that someone with over 40 years in the pool industry realized no one had solved yet,” the pair explained. The JimmyBench will change how any pool is used, for adults and kids—including the product’s inspiration himself, Masterson’s youngest grandson, James.


About The JimmyBench

JimmyBench is a patent-pending product designed and built in the U.S.A. The JimmyBench conversion kit transforms existing inground pool ladders into safe, convenient swim-out benches that are comfortable for adults and kids alike. Learn more at